Saturday, May 1, 2010

Niigata University of Management (NUM)

I am an Associate Professor at Niigata University of Management (NUM). It is called “Niigata Keiei Daigaku” in Japanese. It is the only university in Japan to use the word “management” in its official title.
The university was founded in 1994 through financial support from 18 local governments and the Niigata prefectural government. It is affiliated with private schools: Kamo Gyosei Gakuen; Kamo Gyosei High School and Niigata Chuo Junior College. It is a half-private and half-public university. Thus, our mission is to produce capable men and women who can contribute to the development of business circles in neighboring cities and towns as well as the national and international business worlds.
In recent years, students from various countries have begun coming to Japan, thus, our university welcomes students from around the world who wish to face the challenges our school offers. Our university's International Student Center is there to meet the needs of all our students.
International students from China, Republic of Korea, Russia and Taiwan have been increasing in number at our school. We promote academic exchanges and have partner- universities with whom we have contractual agreements in each of these countries. Because of this outreach, NUM has grown to be an international university today.
“Keieidai,” as it is called, has one major department, “The College of Management Information,” which is divided into two divisions, “The Department of Management Information” and the newly opened “Department of Sports Management” and we are constantly striving to improve and expand the curricula. If you have any interest in business management, accounting, computing, English or sports, you should visit our campus.