Saturday, May 1, 2010

Let's learn English.

I teach English as a foreign language at a local college in Japan. I like English and learn English every day. Do you like English? According to the class evaluations conducted at the very last lesson, many students say they like English, though they do not feel that they are good at it. But you can be better at it if you like it. The good news is, if you like something, you can become better at it. Keep learning English.
Let me tell you why I like English.
When I first heard English, I was charmed by its rhythms and intonations. As I kept studying English, I became attracted to the unique sentence structures and the "zillions" of wonderful expressions, phrases and words. English is, no doubt, a difficult language to study, but it has been a very interesting subject to me.
When I entered junior high school, English became my favorite subject.
I studied it very hard, even memorizing the entire contents of the text book, and by the time that I graduated, I had already made up my mind to engage in an occupation where I could use it. In my senior high school days, on the other hand, my dark days began. I grew to dislike school with its endless preparation for tests or entrance examinations for better universities that were the only measures that established a students' sense of value. I hated to be hedged in by the report cards. I came to think that studying was a nuisance. This idea, however, changed when I had a chance to get into a new world. I visited the United States on an exchange program to communicate with foreigners. I learned that by becoming a bilinguist, a richer, more meaningful and more joyous life would be mine. The English language was, I thought, a very important medium of social intercourse between nations, enabling the people of one nation to communicate with the people of other nations. As soon as I entered university, I joined the English Speaking Society and studied debating and speech communication.
If you are students, you may have had ups and downs in the course of your struggle to learn English; however, you still have the opportunity to perhaps speak English fluently some day. I'll do my utmost to become more fluent in speaking English.