Friday, December 24, 2010

A Trip to China

Niigata University of Management has been strengthening its relationships with universities in other countries. Currently, our university hosts students from Russia, South Korea, China and many others.

So, early this month, I visited Changchun University of Technology in Changchun in the Jilin Provence of China to interview prospective students and to discuss educational matters and socialize with professors (who, by the way, showed me a great time at local restaurants). While the university uses the word “Technology” in its name, it has a comprehensive array of departments including a Japanese language course.

Some students who are interested in learning both Japanese and management come to our university as juniors and, under a program we have developed, are supposed to complete a two-year course of study. If they successfully complete the course, they are awarded with a B.A. in Management Information.

Currently, however, this program is a “one-way” street, much to the dissatisfaction of some of the Chinese professors that I talked to during my stay. They want the opportunity to teach Japanese exchange students and are working to make it possible to accept students from our university sometime in the future.

The picture below shows the welcoming message at the entrance of Changchun University of Technology for the “delegation” from our university.